LatiWeb 9004 client
1 Apr 2004 First Latitude web client
  Browser based client for LatitudeSQ. Enables staff to securely enter timesheets and search for client and project information from any internet connected computer using browsers such as Internet Explorer.
Latitude Business Edition 9004
23 Jan 2004 First SQL Server based version of Latitude
  Scaled-up version of Latitude, designed to run on Microsoft SQL Server. Intended for larger land survey, engineering and consulting businesses with 40 to 400 staff. This product can also be used by organizations with between 10 and 40 staff where higher performance or browser based clients are required.
  New data interface which allows scaled-up versions of Latitude to work with databases such as Microsoft SQL Server & Oracle
  New Equipment Barcodes
  New separate Client Contact postal address
  Task Notes now display name of Employee who entered them
  Enhanced Read-only option for Office Notes
  Task Note tab in Job Information screen has QuoteText lookup for Task Note based Quotations
  Application Launcher now opens multiple files without running multiple instances of EXE's where the EXE supports it (eg. MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe Acrobat)
  Invoice screen has InvoiceText lookup for MultiLine invoices
  Added employee filter to Schedule screen to allow viewing of individual employee schedules
  New "Accounting Link" button on the Main Menu to run Imports from and Exports to Accounting Software packages
  Invoice Due Date appears in " Invoice GST Invoice" remittance advice
  Timesheets are sorted by Start Time and then by Entry Order in the Timesheets screen
  Invoice template “Invoice (Logos & Description)" has Terms & Conditions in its page footer
  Fix bug in Payments screen - now allows editing of Payment detail without deleting dissections
  New Reports
            Job Status, Address & Details for Status, Date Range & Area (Report# 197) - see Reports -> Job Information
  Improved Reports
            Fix bug in " Invoices & Timesheets by Job" report (Report# 182) when run under Access 2000
            Fix bug in "Job Profit/Loss" report (Report# 112) where Active Only option is selected
            Report totals added to Reports# 115 & #180
  Accounting Link to MYOB
            Export Clients and Invoices to MYOB versions 13
            Export Receipts (Client Payments) for Accrual Accounting to MYOB version 13
            Import MYOB cards (Business Contacts and Contacts) from MYOB version13
  Accounting Link to QuickBooks
            Improvement of export to QuickBooks 2002
  Accounting Link to Sybiz
            Export Invoices to Sybiz versions 2.51
            Import Sybiz Customers (Business Contacts and Contacts) from Sybiz version 2.51
  Various bug fixes
Latitude Professional - 9004.0703 / 8004.0703
24 Sep 2004 First Latitude screen widened to fit new minimum 1024 x 768 pixel screen size - Register List screen Plan/Path & Details fields expanded - all other screens currently remain at 800 x 600 pixel size
  "Re" field added to Register List screen
  New "Preview List" button on main Register form to preview Register List report
  Register List report filtered by Register List screen
  Job Type/Description lookup screen changed to make its use clearer
  New Job Packet sheet "Check List" Extra Section that displays all 25 Job User fields in 2 columns with txtJobUserField20 label used as the main heading and the contents of txtJobUserField20 (if any) appearing to the right of this heading
  New invoice template - Invoice GST Tax Invoice CC - with Credit Card remittance - Finance tab in Setup Latitude stores bit map image of all credit cards accepted
  Plan Register / Search screen extended to process up to 18 plans at once
  Billing rates in Duplicate Timesheet dialog box now hidden by "Hide amounts on timesheets" option in Setup Latitude
  Work Types now sorted by Description in Timesheet screen
  Letter head area of Quote Template "Quote (Logos) 2" made deeper
  Custom fields added to Contacts tab in Clients form
  Custom fields added to "Plan Reference" & "File Reference" labels in Register screen
  Receipts Client Codes now automatically updated when main Client Codes are changed
  PowerPay export preview report now shows date range selected
  Improved Reports
            Financial report "Invoices between two dates in Client Order" (Report#178) now has selection for Client
            Employee report "Employee Timesheet (by Employee)" (Report#195) now excludes disbursements
            Job Information report "Active job list with incomplete notes (by Captain by Job)" (Report #79) now has selection for date range and Job Captain
            Job Information report "Job List with User Fields 4, 5 & 6" (Report#97) now has a Locality (suburb) column after Street
            Job Information report "Job Cover Page with Financials" (Report#96) now has larger Expected & Done date fields
  Various bug fixes
Latitude Professional - 9004.0701 / 8004.0701
20 Aug 2004 New Invoice template - GST Tax Invoice with Claim History - includes total of invoices to date on the project
  New optional 'fkey' Job Number generator to return job numbers with format YYNNN where YY is Fiscal Year and NNN is a 3 digit counter
  Invoice screen Multi-line total amount field label changed from "CBCodes" to "Multi-line"
  Client and Invoice screen Invoice lists Age column now displays "Paid" when balance is zero
  Quote & Invoice lookups in Quote, Job Task and Invoice screens now return 'unlimited' amounts of text
  Main Menu "Plans Files Documents" button renamed " Register"
  Invoice Detailed Description fully merged into Invoice Multi-Line
  New Reports
            Job CB Code Timesheet as Percentage of Quote (Report# 211) - see Reports -> Job Information
            Active Job due to Start or Finish (Report# 207) - see Reports -> Job Information
            Job WIP for Period (for Date range, Job & Status) (by Job) (Report# 205) - see Reports -> Job Information
  Accounting Link to MYOB
            Export Clients and Invoices to MYOB version 14
            Export Clients and Invoices to MYOB Premier 8
            Export Receipts (Client Payments) for Accrual Accounting to MYOB version 14 / Premier 8
            Import MYOB cards (Business Contacts and Contacts) from MYOB version 14
            Import MYOB cards (Business Contacts and Contacts) from MYOB Premier 8
  Accounting Link to QuickBooks
            Export Clients and Invoices to QuickBooks 2004
            Export Receipts (Client Payments) for Accrual Accounting to QuickBooks 2004
            Import Clients (Business Contacts and Contacts) from QuickBooks 2004
            Beta Feature - Export Payroll Timesheets to PowerPay Version 6
  Various bug fixes
Latitude Professional - 9004.0401 / 8004.0401
1 May 2004 Upgraded Register List see Register (Plans Files Documents) -> Register List OR Job -> Register -> Register List
  Register List (for Date range, Client & Job) by Type or Date (Report# 204) see Reports -> Register
  New Preview button in Register List screen to print all register items currently selected
  Hold more detailed Remuneration information on Employees
  New feature - Facility to change employee codes. When an employee changes their name and you use their initials as their employee code, they can now be easily changed
    Raise warning in Accounting Link when a user attempts to export Invoices belonging to Clients without a designated Main Contact
  New Reports
            Job WIP for Period (for Date range, Job & Status) (by Job) (Report# 205) - see Reports --> Job Information
  Improved Reports
            Option to select Payee in Report - Payments between two dates in date order (Report#  66) - see Reports -> Financial
            Added summarize option to Report - Timesheets not invoiced (for date range & job) (by Job, Date, Emp)
  Various bug fixes