What is Latitude?

What is Latitude?

Latitude is a comprehensive software application designed to run project based professional consulting businesses and track all of their information and workflows.

Will Latitude suit my Business?

Latitude is highly configurable to suit the way you want your business to operate. Configuration changes are made by way of setup options (eg. which accounts software to link), lookup tables (eg. your list of project types), field labels (eg. change the word "Bill" to "Invoice" or "Account" or words in another language), laying out your own document templates (eg. for invoices), setting up powerful data filters and writing your own reports. On the rare occasions when configuration isn't enough, we can also make programming changes to customize Latitude to your exact needs.

Who uses Latitude?

Professionals who work on projects including civil engineers, land surveyors, structural engineers, urban designers, electrical engineers, GIS consultants, environmental consultants, quantity surveyors, mining companies, government & corporate design offices, consultants, building designers, architects, geologists...


If you use timesheets and/or project documentation, you owe it to yourself to try Latitude in your business. Our existing users love it and we think you will too. We have found a lot of consultants have attempted to develop their own in-house databases, but as the years passed found that Latitude has added features and modules that they would like to have added, but never got around to developing themselves. By implementing Latitude they can get on with what they specialize in and let us do what we specialize in.