Project Workflow 



Streamline the workflow from initial request to proposal, and all the way through timesheets & invoicing to accounts

You can create your own job status in Latitude



Project discovery and investigation. Perform preliminary research and abstract of data

Use the register screen to record research notes



Produce quotations using Word templates of your own design. Define your own file name structure for each document type

Create multiple quotations per project, so you can track revision history, variations, and quote on separate parts a project


 Proposal followup

Followup proposal to clients

Use the register screen to record followup notes and reminders


 Design Meeting

Prepare construction files, drawings, sketch plan of the proposed township indicating at least: contours at appropriate intervals for the topography of the site

Register of almost any type of information related to a job, project or business contact, including plans, drawings, requests, variations, conversations, spreadsheets, data files, emails & letters


 Schedule site visit

Schedule field crews or individual staff on jobs and automatically notify them by email

Assign crews schedule in the scheduler screen


 Site visit

Perform site visit and investigation

Use Latitude timesheet screen to enter time


 Work log of time, mileage, equipment, materials, meals, accommodation & customer signature

Work logs to conveniently record and track all field employees' work hours, expenses, equipment usage, and other job details on a single screen. At the end of a work day, the crew chief can enter the log of work for all crew members and print a copy for the client to sign. Work & expenses can then be reviewed and authorized by managers before timesheets are generated and automatically fed into the Latitude billing system

Use the Field Ticket screen to enter time remotely. Latitude allow customers to electronically sign a log of work on an iPad or Android tablet to confirm that the work was done



Perform survey procedures and calculations

Use the job screen to enter job site address, lat/long coordinates and other measurements


 Drafting & revisions

CAD drafting and revisions

Use register to hold the files to client


 Final design review

Review Work Progress, check the accuracy of records and measurements

Use Notification to check survey calculations


 Report writing

Write reports and letters to clients and council

Over 200 reports covering clients, projects, time, WIP, profitability, & employee productivity, so you can see how your projects are running day by day


 Plan registration

Registration of plan

Enter plan in the register to track them


 Delivery to customer

Finalize, print and send plans to customer

Use the register screen to email & attachments sent by clients



Bill your clients

Reduced delay in invoicing as all data is available to immediately invoice at any time rather than having to wait until the end of the month



Collect information from a sample of individuals

Use the register screen to record and track collection information

 project review

 Post project review & analysis

Confirm deliverable completion and quality. Validate Staff Performance

Run reports in Latitude to see the status of you projects