Latitude Professional Edition


  • Single entry point for all data blank charts data 669616
  • Streamline the workflow from initial request to proposal, and all the way through timesheets & invoicing to accounts
  • Staged implementation to ease the initial learning curve for less computer literate staff by using the security system to 'hide' parts of Latitude you don't need on Day 1, and then gradually introducing more features to them as they become comfortable with using Latitude
  • Central management of all interactions with clients, prospects, associates & suppliers
  • Search, filter and report on all company information
  • Track client & contact information
  • All users can enter their own timesheets, equipment timesheets, disbursements & job data and run reports
  • Security system to limit what each user can see and do
  • See what work to attend to next using job status, due dates, phase & pre-dated register items
  • architect architecture blueprint 271667If staff enter their time every evening, you can run reports the next morning to see where projects are up to and thus nip blowouts in the bud
  • See what work to attend to next using any combination of project status, due dates, phase & post-dated register items
  • Flexible cross-referenced site address & legal description database configurable for DLS, plat, tax parcel etc
  • Register of almost any type of information related to a job, project or business contact, including plans, drawings, requests, variations, conversations, spreadsheets, data files, emails & letters
  • Produce quotations, job packet sheets, invoices, statements, receipts and project documents using Word templates of your own design. Define your own file name structure for each document type
  • Full record of all billable & non-billable time on both external and internal projects
  • Automated creation of new projects from template projects for each of your standard project types that prefills project details, quotes and project folders with a single click
  • Handle different charge rates by employee, work type, project and time period
  • Automatic map of all nearby jobs, allows you to pull your field notes from old projects to quickly find survey marks businesswoman company concept 7357
  • Project KMZ link to export & update project site location data in Google Earth and GIS software
  • Manage and track survey equipment, vehicles, computers, software & other assets, including their maintenance records, manuals & hardware drivers
  • Latitude Viewer that presents the data views most relevant to each users role(s) in the business. Views each present information that can be quickly filtered and sorted and then drilled into to see the source data records in almost any Latitude screen.
  • Record of employee professional & safety certification
  • Reduced delay in invoicing as all data is available to immediately invoice at any time rather than having to wait until the end of the month
  • Flexible invoicing
  • Over 200 reports covering clients, projects, time, WIP, profitability, & employee productivity, so you can see how your projects are running day by day


  System Requirements    

    Desktop        Windows 10 / 8 / 7, Parallels on Mac OS
    Browsers       Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari
    Server           Windows, Windows Server to host shared database files