We find Latitude to be an immensely useful tool for delegating and planning projects. We use this software tool for ensuring that important messages and dates are not forgotten; for keeping a record of events; and to track the issue and payment of all invoices. Latitude assists with all of our day to day project management needs. We are very happy with this software and its effectiveness in running our small surveying business. 

Paul Reed - East Coast Surveys



We are impressed and grateful for the support shown in requests for improvements and additions to Latitude and particularly in the speed in which you process the requests, something we don't get from other software suppliers.

McKinlay Morgan and Associates



Latitude is an excellent tool for financial management in our survey practice. It is an efficient program and gives a concise yet detailed result at the end of the month in preparation for accounting. We have been more than happy with their phone support and improvements in upgrades. Our Latitude program as it is now is excellent. We have no problems with the way Latitude works. 

Syd and Jenni Hopkins - Hopkins Consultants



We utilise Latitude for time costing, data management and accounting purposes. Since we installed Latitude 10 years ago it has more than served it’s desired purpose as a controlling system within the organisation. Software support has been exemplary, not only in a timely manner but with sufficient flexibility for our unique requirements. 

Evan Carman - Carman Surveyors



I don't know how I ever found old reports without Latitude. It is an invaluable aid in retrieving info from the barest facts. It makes my job so much more enjoyable. 

Helen - J.B.White Surveyors



Haven't fully utilized the Diary & Office Notes components. The additions to post cheques to Jobs has been terrific for keeping track of expenses incurred. 

Mosel Browne Surveyors



Since its implementation in 2007, Latitude has proven to be an invaluable project management tool for our business. The intuitive menu structure made it easy for our users to navigate to key functions; while the powerful reporting options added real value to our business from a very early stage. Along the way, the Latitude Support Team have continued to refine & improve the system and are always available to address any questions or concerns. Without reservation, I recommend Latitude to any professional practice looking for a software package that provides functionality, control & value. 

Andrew Chittenden - Tomkinson & Associates



Latitude has increased our bottom line, and for time billing I have not seen anything better. 

John Henley - Civil Surveys & Design



All our staff use Latitude Software on a daily basis to link jobs to clients, job managers etc., as well as a comprehensive means for Job Managers to account for time spent on jobs for billing purposes. Any staff member can readily see the progress status of jobs.We have always found the Latitude Support Group prompt and helpful when we have requests for software capabilities and modifications. 

Edrick Delfos - Hille, Thompson & Delfos



It is very useful for job costing and profitability analysis. 

Kevin Dodd - Earl James & Associates



At a key stroke we can find and view any document and determine the status of any job. 


Grant Phillips - Charles O'Neill