Business Tips
If you are setting up a new business or expanding an existing business, the following 'Business Tips' will be of some use to you. If you are involved in a bigger more sophisticated company, these 'Business Tips' are likely something you are already covering.

Business Tips


Web Security Best Practice
         Best practice to improve your web security

estimate Estimates and Authorization
        Save time estimating and have your customer pre-authorize work so you dont have to estimate
trust How to Build Trust With Your Customers
        The more our customers trust us, the faster we can get work done
implement Software Implementation
        Software implementation best practice steps
corporate Corporate Online Presence
        Rework your corporate online presence

Benefits of Cloud Based Systems
        Information availability, staff productivity, information consistency, risk reduction, fixed cost reduction and scalability

benefits of cloud based systems

docuemnt Managing Documents in the Modern Workspace
        Document management and the modern workplace
workflow Workflow
        Manage project workflow
costing2 Project Costing
        Direct cost, overhead and other indirect cost components of job costing
cloud2 Taxation
        Creating a requirement to comply with federal tax code or legal requirements
product Improve Staff Productivity
        Motivate and improve survey and engineering staff productivity
employee Employee Satisfaction
        Recognition, reward, culture, purpose, and autonomy combine to produce employee satisfaction and engagement
timetracking Time Tracking
        Staff and project time tracking and management
document Document Management Plan
        Steps in creating a document management system
 emp1 What is Project Management Workflow?
        The action of deciding the importance and the urgency of each task